About us

About Us

Bright Quran Learning is an authentic and updated Holy institute that is regularly teaching the Holy book of Allah for the last 6 years. In this way, Muslims of every age and any gender are learning Quran consistently. Bright Quran Learning is serving around the globe to one who is eager to learn this divine knowledge. 

Holy Quran is not only a book it is a perfect code of life. Any person from any race, color, and language can get advantages from it. This is the solution to several complex problems. People of every age and era have got advantages of its codes. 

People from Europe, Asia, America, and Gulf countries have enrolled in our number of courses. They have the intention to teach their kids this holy book. Some of them are learning Noorani Qaida, Nazra, Memorizing Quran, learning Tafseer e Quran and Tajweed e Quran as well. In this way, Bright Quran Learning has a chain of students with different courses.  Quran has impressed several non-muslims with its peaceful expression.

Why Choose Us


All the staff is multilingual that's why we have more students

Updated System

Due to our most upt to date system students learn a lot

Reliable Hadiya

Hadiya is just to support teachers finansially and it is just reliable

Experienced Staff

Experienced staff makes us eminent by their remarkable experience.

Our Courses

Quran is vital and essential to live a life in best manners. The one who is willing to live a successful life here and hereafter can get all the guidelines from Holy Quran. Learning Quran is also important for every muslim to know what Allah is saying in Quran. By learing Quran a man surely come into know how to earn more good marks to Allah. This thing will lead a muslim to Jannah. To learn Quran there is a procedure and this procedure is upto the mind of learner. In this way some persons learn it no time and some take a bit long time. But there is no option for those who say that it is so hard to learn.
Each course has its own worth and learner know which one is suited for him/her. In this way if someone doesnot know which one is best for then we have generous and good teachers that are eager to teach or guide anyone to the right and suitable course. That's why students are happy to engaged with Bright Quran Learning.

Noorani Qaida

Bright Quran Learning starts to teach Holy Quran with its basic knoledge known as Noorani Qaida

Learn to Read Quran

Bright Quran Learning leads to Nazra after learning Noorani Qaida.Nazra is just to read word by word Quran.

Quran Memorization

Bright Quran Learning leads to Hafiz. Hafiz is to memorise whole Quran with in minimum time period.


Tajweed is a term which is used to pronounciate the Arabic words or verses.

Our Team

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.


Student Liason


Prof. Psychology


Prof. Foreign Studies


Student Liason


Prof. Psychology


Prof. Foreign Studies




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