It is every Muslim’s faith to ask only Allah for anything they need. Muslims recite daily duas and supplications daily, especially after prayers. Daily duas and supplications are a significant part of Muslim culture and one of the most important phases of Muslim daily life.

It is compulsory to learn daily duas online with highly-qualified Islamic scholars through one-to-one sessions. At online platforms, you or your kids can learn how to recite Dua the right way in Arabic, the preferable times to make Dua (Supplication), and the decorum of supplication (Dua). Our Islamic tutors will teach you Duas or daily supplication from authentic books of Hadith & the holy book of the Quran. These supplications are the essence of Quranic teachings and verses. The learning of Islamic supplication and reciting Dua daily makes us nearest to Allah (SWT) and makes us better Muslims. So hurry up and join the daily duas and Supplication course online.

Why Learn Daily Duas And Supplications?

In addition to the big events like Eid, marriage, etc we believe that Muslims should pray for the little things as well. As a result, the Muslim custom of making supplications to Allah Almighty for even the most ordinary of daily tasks is valuable.

Supplications and remembrance of Allah(SWT) are referred to in Islam as “Dua”. There are two basic types of daily duas and Supplications:

  •  Those offered to ask for something from Allah(SWT).
  • On the other hand, those offered in Shuker and praise of Allah(SWT).

Supplication, or Du’a, is one of the most powerful and special forms of voluntary worship of Allah. To gain Allah’s (SWT) forgiveness and happiness, Muslims recite Duas throughout the day and night at various times, situations, and activities.

In fact besides only learning you or your children will also get knowledge about the significance of Dua, its verses, how to supplicate, the proper decorum of Dua, and the special Duas to be recited during Islamic occasions such as Eid or fasting during online Dua classes.

Ease For Non-Arabic Speakers

Even so, our online course on Islamic Supplication (Dua) is appropriate for people of any gender or age. Learning daily duas online is very beneficial if anyone does not know how to read Arabic before beginning to learn Dua.

   Due to the importance of learning supplications for every Muslim in the world, Bright Quran Learning offers Islamic Dua lessons online for those Muslims who are either non-Arab or live in non-Muslim countries.

Our Islamic teachers will teach you the daily dua or duas. These supplications are from the books of the renowned hadith and the book of the Holy Quran. These Dua and supplications consist of eating, drinking, and morning and evening supplications. You can also learn the mandatory supplications and duas when to enter the mosque and when leaving the mosque. Duas for going to sleep and for entering the bathroom. Dua which we have to recite after Waking-up in the shukr of Allah. This supplication is of great importance in our lives because it brings us Allah’s happiness to us.

Spirit Of Supplications

Daily duas and supplications are unique acts of worship that Muslims can perform anywhere and at any time of the day. In Islam, this is the way to communicate with your creator spiritually and means appeal or connection with Allah(SWT), which is a prayer of supplication or request. It establishes a strong relationship between Allah (SWT) and His people and helps Muslims to live their daily routine lives in the light of Allah’s guidance and to stay away from sins by the remembrance of Allah (SWT) at all times.

Learning daily duas and supplication is the spirit of love to Allah and healing for the human soul. It helps Muslims to always remember Allah (SWT), no matter what they are busy with. Nothing can make them away from Allah whether it is worldly tasks or household chores. In the verse from the holy Quran, Allah Almighty stated:

        “[Are] men whom neither commerce nor sale distracts from the remembrance of Allah”

Daily Duas And Supplication For Kids

Raising children as per the teaching of Islam and morals is a very important matter in our religion. As well is very challenging in today’s world. We need to know the supplications by which we draw close to God and ask Him, Glory be to Him, to answer us through supplication with the supplications from in the Holy book of the Quran and from the saying of the Prophet known as the Sunnah. Therefore, it is very important to make their relationship close to Allah. To learn how to pray to Allah Almighty Supplication, these are not just words that we say, but rather it is a very important prayers in the life of a Muslim. Allah has directed his believers to do it. Unfortunately, many children do not know and their parents did not teach them the significance to learn daily duas and supplication correctly. That is the reason behind taking the initiative to start learning duas and supplication online.

Duas And Supplication To Get Protection From Shayateen

We human beings are surrounded by Shayateen. So we have to seek protection in Allah from all these evil eyes and curses as guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah’s book Quran and Hadith has given us many verses and Duas to recite to protect ourselves from evils and unpredictably discomforting events. It consists of prayers starting from dawn to dusk as well. Like what to recite when going out of the home. We should make it our habit to exercise these duas in our life and especially for our younger ones.

Supplication Learning Online.

We will teach our kids daily dua and supplication with our Quran classes as well. These supplications are from authentic books of Hadith. These duas include dua to recite before starting and ending your meals, dua to recite while drinking water and milk, morning and evening duas to recite for a wealthy and healthy life, and dua when to enter Masjid and when coming out from it. Dua to recite on the first night of the month after watching the new moon.Dua to recite after watching the new moon. Dua after sneezing and for the one who sneezes and much more. These duas have much importance in our lives and it brings Allah’s support with us. In-Sha Allah. We help students learn daily supplication online. These supplications and duas are the basics of our courses as an essential part of the course of Quran Reading, including the Noorani Qaida and Hifz Courses. You can learn these courses separately as well.

The Benefit Of Learning Supplications And Duas

As per the belief of Islam, every Muslim should believe that for them every act they are doing as per the laws of Islam is the complete source of blessing. You can change a small deed into a source of benediction by reading the Masnoon dua at the start and the end of the task. The whole duration becomes an ibadat. Our small kids need to learn Masnoon dua in Urdu or English so that it becomes a part of their daily life. Muslims should follow the way of living the life of our prophet(PBUH). These duas are known as Masnoon dua for a child to help our kids to protect them from all bad deeds and evil eyes.

These daily duas and supplications are the essence of the Holy Quran as mentioned above. Quran has many Masnoon Duas in it of previous prophets, and we are guided by the Hadith of our prophet as a when to read that surah. From Hadith, we get many Masnoon dua. These Duas are specially to recite for our protection from evils and discomforting events. We should practice all Masnoon Duas and make it a habit, especially for kids. They are our assets and we should secure them, with the help of Masnoon Duas with translation safeguards and protecting them from all evil and misfortunes.

Masnoon Duas With Translation In URDU And English

Masnoon Duas is an essential part of every Muslim’s life. We make students learn Masnoon Duas with translations in their mother language. At the same time, we teach its translation. Our courses include all Duas either long or short, for example; Dua e Hajat, Azan, duas to recite after namaz. Our courses are available for every student around the world, most importantly those residing in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Western Countries. These Duas keep shaitan away from us and put Barakat in our daily routine tasks. By barakah, we mean Allah puts ease and comfort in the task we perform.

 Learning Supplication online is a blissful source of blessing in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western parts of the world, where students do not have time after a whole day of studies and a hectic routine. In that case, kids can learn supplication online. All the Masnoon Duas are from renowned hadith books. Masnoon dua after namaz, Masnoon Duas for the holy month of Ramadan, and other supplications of normal life. Our teachers make a continuous effort to make them learn these Duas. We have experienced and expert teachers who know very well about Masnoon Duas with Urdu and English translation.


By reciting Masnoon Duas we not only safeguard ourselves but also protect our close ones from facing any kind of difficult times. Allah graces them and protects them in the world and for the life after death to the people who recite it without irregularity. If we plan to spend life according to Islam, then each dua and supplication plays an important role in us getting connected to our creator all the time.

The daily duas and supplications course online is for all students and this comes along with all the courses be it a Tajweed course, Quran translation, or Islamic Studies. These Duas are compulsory to get Allah’s help to stay away from sins in our lives. These duas and supplications play an essential role to get Allah’s blessing. This is the reason it has been given a special place in our online courses and it has been a compulsory section for all courses. This part of the course could be taken separately also for those who have completed the Tajweed and Quran e Pak Recitation. May Allah gives us all courage to live life as per His guidance. Ameen

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