How To Pray Namaz?

The second of Islam’s five pillars is namaz. All Muslims who have reached the age of majority, which is puberty, must perform five times a day of Namaz. With the act of prostration being the time we are closest to Allah, it provides us the chance to speak with Him, remember Him, and express our thanks to Him. Every believer receives the gift of namaz, which is the first thing we are held accountable for on the Day of Judgment.

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Namaz is not merely meant to be a required practice. Instead, it is the initial and ongoing evidence of the believer’s submission to Allah. It serves as a spiritual ritual, a way to purify oneself, and a way to build patience and strength. A believer views namaz as a pleasure to educate himself and forge a stronger bond with his creator rather than as a hardship. Because they are dependent on Allah, Muslims say prayers out of love and humility as a sign of their devotion to him.


Namaz – Learn Namaz How To Pray Salat Right Way With Positions

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